Robert V. Novák

Part Two

16. 5. — 21. 6. 2012
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Part Two

outside_ You only own what remains forum romanum_ what you have you took.

outside_ You only own what remains forum romanum_ what you have you took. park_
You can do anything in a shirt with Jesus on it. it’s outside the window_ At night, sequence matters rather than speed.
is reproduction_ You remember when everything belonged to you. is film_ What belongs to everyone is yours now.
window_ Park and history. Who remembers? mirror outside the window_ light past the mirror _ Here it is!
So it happened! focus screen_ Maybe in reverse order. But not backwards. Not that. it has happened and it will happen again_ As a mirror? the park_ Maybe when I was a child. those stars_ And what about the hill?
You travel towards him and do not know him. the rain_ and the metal... Then you simply are there. I am walking over the hill_
You die, they bury you and you will open your grave. I am shooting at the moon_ the pool is a mirror _
Armed by now and I lift up every knife. You shoot at the moon. armed_ You have everything that is yours at home.
I die and wake up again_ Drawing of the heart, photograph of the stars and the window, outside the window_
that protects you from all suns, in the pool_ behind the mirror_ which mirrors its perfect shape in a hill_ in gardens. just _ the bright suns of different worlds...

Ladislav Babuščák
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